SEOBlogger is a Hamilton-based marketing company dedicated to building local Hamilton businesses using world-class SEO techniques with an emphasis on killer content development.

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Our team of marketing experts have developed our 100% guaranteed Six-Point Growth Plan that will increase your site traffic and place your business on the first search engine response page for local Hamilton searchs in your sector. Your potential for business growth will skyrocket.

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What we're talking about....

five Steps to business Growth

site acceleration

Top metric for Google regarding top notch user experience? Site load speed. Our accelerator system will analyze your site and increase load speed so your site will pop - making both visitors and search engines happy.

on page optimization

Edit content and metadata to attract more business and individuals. Incorporate the correct keywords in both your customer and meta text to catch the traffic already looking for you.

increased visibility

Concentrating on high volume, low competition keywords, increase your site traffic short term with online advertising and bolster long term visibility and growth with backlink building.

killer content

Interesting, authoritative content fully SEO- optimized to attract your target market to your website.

focus local seo

Best stratgeties for local busineses for B2B and B2C marketing is investing and developing your online business profile to attract local customers.


Build traffic using Inbound links to show search engines that your content is relevant and helpful to potential visitors.

Let's grow, Hamilton.

We’re offering an absolutely free “Getting To Know You” consultation for any Hamilton/Burlington/Niagara area company looking to build their website traffic and their business. 

The session is a half hour. You can use anything you learn during the session absolutely free and with our blessing.

It’s free, fun, and informative. Some of my favourite ‘f’ words.

Build visibility. Build traffic. Build your business.